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This team was built because we are seeing many people are trying to figure it out how to make their business win in this digital era. And to add more problems, there are too many answers to get there.


We don't come from the book, we are practitioners on digital start-up scene and we know very well the problems of your business are facing. Do you have problems delivering a better result in advertising? Yes, or do you have no idea how to measure your marketing efforts? True.    

With our experience on many start-ups (including our own,) we will guide your business to have a comprehensive foundation and develop a growth roadmap. We have this framework "Build, Measure, Scale" to create a sustainable business. 

Who We Are

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Our Team
Fikri Gustin
Fikri Gustin


As an engineer from ITB, he feels don't belong in his major which is Geodetic Engineering. After graduated, he joined BRODO as the marketing team and left in 2016 as Head of Marketing. Then he built his own business called Martabak Monkey, a martabak seller without brick and mortar store, full running on digital advertising and website and deliver martabak right into customers door. He also attended the growth hacking program called Distro Dojo held by 500 Startups in Malaysia for 4 Weeks.

Meirna Utami
Meirna Utami


She got a bachelor degree at Universitas Indonesia and went to Bandung to get a master degree at MBA ITB. She had worked on both sides as a client and also as an agency. As a client, she managed BRODO's digital marketing efforts, and as an agency, at MediaCom (GroupM) she had responsibilities to run Coca-Cola Company digital campaign. She is a workaholic woman and would like to help you solve your business problem.

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