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What We Do

Build The Home

In every marketing effort we did, we focused on brought visitors to our website. If at this moment you already have one, we will audit your website and give some recommendation to improve the result. And if you don't have a website yet, don't worry, we can work together to develop the website with your IT team or we can help you to build your website from scratch.

KPI Settings

So, have you heard "KPI"? In start-ups sometimes KPI or Key Performance Indicator sounds like myth creatures. You know it's powerful, yet you don't know how to work with. We will make you loved KPI. You will able to make a growth roadmap of your business through this method.

Acquisition Funnel Analysis

Wow, it sounds sophisticated, isn't it? Basically, we will go through your website and audit the visitor's journey. We will find anything that could be the reason why the visitor drop-offs from your website. We will guide you to do some experiments on your website to achieve a better conversion rate.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Have you seen your competitor ads on Facebook? or Instagram? Well, you should have done that too. But please, do it in the right manner, or you only give Mark Zuckerberg some extra pocket money. We will help you to have an effective strategy to execute digital advertising. Start with creating awareness on your potential customer until we breaking a new record in revenue this year.

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Who Should Work With Us

  • Visionary Business Owner

  • The Hustler Start-up Founder

  • Brilliant Marketing Manager

  • The Awesome Digital Marketers

  • "The Real" Website Developer

  • The Guy Who Are Going to Make History With Their Company

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