Do you know this service is on high demand and low supply?

And we're trying hard to meet this crazy demand
Do you really think that you are different from the people around you?
Are you willing to do anything to prove that you are special?



You're going to need that level of confidence because this is not an ordinary job. Your Mom will ask you again and again what you do to make a living. (Spoiler alert! She won't get it)


We are not going to say we don't care about what major you took on college or what's your GPA score. We do care. But it's not the main point.


We are looking for people who:


  • Want to learn in doing business
    If you're looking for a routine job, this isn't the place. You will be facing a new challenges every day. We want you to learn a lot in here, do this while do that, make mistakes, and learned from that. 


  • Want to nurture a servant leadership skill
    This skill is the most important skill that people should have. If you don't know what servant leadership is, just google some articles about it and read it. If you agree with us, you should apply for this job.


  • Know how to investing in yourselves
    Time is money, and you really care on what things that you spend your time the most. If you like to read books, attending a seminar, watching a webinar, or listen to a podcast, we know that you are eager to learn. This place going to be your experiment laboratory to put the theory you've learned into real action.


So what is the job that we offer?

It's up to you. Your job depends on what things you interested to learn.

Really, it's not a test.


You can read our Services and tell us what domain that you want to learn, or if you know anything in between but not written in there, you can apply also.


So you can email us at Send your CV and a short essay about what domain you interested in learning.






P.S. Don't hesitate to send your CV and essay in Bahasa Indonesia. English won't make you look smarter just like this website.